What is a Drill Index?

I have compiled this collection of flat range drills and standards that I believe will enhance your sessions while ensuring you work on the most important fundamentals of fire arm manipulation. This collection includes classics by legends Ken Hackathorn and Col. Jeff Cooper as well as more contemporary drills by Donovan Moore and Bill Blowers. I have generalized some of these drills to slim down your range loadout, my goal is to give shooters a wide variety of content that can be run with a few basic targets. You aren't going to earn a challenge coin or patch from any of these creators but using these as a guide will encourage competition within your range crew while maximizing the quality of your time on the firing line. Most of these drills were designed to be run cold but they can be randomly drawn for an entire range session. If you want examples, there are videos of professionals running these drills all over the internet, if you don't feel comfortable with any aspect of these exercises, DO NOT CONTINUE.