Who I am.

I'm just a dude who had an idea for a training aid, I am not a professional trainer, I have no military or LE background and these cards are no replacement for in person training. This started out as a ratty notebook in my range bag, I'd scribble down drills I experienced in classes or interesting drills I'd see in videos and as my collection grew they got harder to read. One day I decided to clean them up and was looking for alternative print methods, that quickly spawned into the Drill Index. Running these drills really improved the quality of my time spent on the firing line and inspired a little competition between the other people in my range crew. I did not create any of these drills however I did put each creator's name on their respective cards so you can find them on social media and continue learning. Keep score, hold your crew to a high standard and the improvements will reveal themselves. I hope you find this to be as an effective tool as I have.

Thank you, I appreciate your support.